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Reasons Why Your Debt Consolidation Application In Pasadena Can Be Denied

Four out of five Americans have more debt than they can bear. It’s no exception for people living in Pasadena, Texas. In most cases, when you are overwhelmed with debt, debt consolidation loans are often the first thing that comes to mind. However, getting a debt consolidation loan in Pasadena is not as simple as it sounds. If done the right way, it can help you repay your debt faster. But there are reasons as to why your debt consolidation loan might get declined.

Limited Income to Qualify for a Consolidation Loan

A debt loan payment requires a fixed monthly payment which can be more or less compared to minimum credit card payments. However, people recognize that they pay off debt much faster with a debt consolidation loan. But lenders know that you may not be able to afford a debt consolidation loan if you are having difficulty making the minimum payments with your credit cards.  

Credit card minimum payments can appear low, but they take decades to repay. However, you can pay debt consolidation off much faster. Consolidation loans term is usually three to five years, so if your credit card interest rates are already low, the new loan may cost you more. If your salary cannot afford the payments, your debt consolidation can be declined.

Too Much Debt

Credit unions and banks may permit you to have total debt payment that cost around 36% of your total monthly income. Debt-to-income will be an important consideration for a debt consolidation loan in Pasadena. Extremely high credit scores may not be very helpful if you cannot afford the new debt.

If you cannot afford a debt consolidation loan, you can find another option to settle your debt, like debt settlement in Pasadena. In addition, you can look for services like credit counseling in Pasadena to help you control your debts. A credit counseling program will lower your interest rates without the need to obtain a new loan. A debt settlement program is different as it will negotiate forgiveness of a large portion of your balances over a 24 to 48-month program. The payments for this program could be much lower than other options.

Your credit score

If you need debt settlement options in Amarillo, you need to have a good credit score. Having a medium to high credit score shows you have been handling your debts well. If the score is low, the chances of having your loan approved are meager. But they are not impossible. You can check with your credit reports to see if there are any mistakes.

No Security for the Debt Consolidation Loan

Most financial institutions in Pasadena ask for collateral when asking for a debt consolidation loan. They do this, mainly if you are having challenges keeping up with your payments or you have low credit scores. They may take the collateral if you fall behind or take other actions such as filing a lawsuit to ensure they get their money back, including interest.

Do not risk losing your home or vehicle if you are struggling with debt. Instead, opt for other options such as credit counseling or debt settlement to obtain debt relief in Pasadena.

Remember that wealthy people earn interest while poor people pay interest. If you need help to resolve your debt problems, always research before settling for a specific option to repay your debts.

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