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Debt Consolidation in Midland, Texas: Will Your Program Do More Harm than Good?

Want to get out of debt? There are several options to do so. However, that doesn’t make all of them compelling and efficient for your situation. Surprisingly, some options seem viable, but others will not be ideal for you. That is why you should take time and research various debt consolidation options in Midland, Texas before you decide. Here are some debt payments options you should consider carefully. Debt Consolidation in Midland Texas Will Your Program Do More Harm than Good

Sticking to minimum payments

In this case, the creditor is happy when you make minimum payments. Although it keeps you from incurring penalties, you pay the debt for a longer time. To determine how long you will pay the debt, you can use a minimum payment calculator. It will help you see how much you will pay on interest. However, you can consider other options like debt consolidation in Midland, Texas, and you will save a lot of money and resolve your debt much faster in most cases.

Direct deposit Advance

It might seem like a great deal, but it can end up crippling you due to high-interest rates. They give you a loan but take part of your paycheck when it is deposited to the bank. It helps you solve your problem at that moment, but what about the following month? Even after you make several payments, you may still be in debt due to interest. If you use this option to make other debt payments, it would be better to look for companies that offer credit counseling in Midland and reduce your current debt payments so you can free up additional cash.

Using money from your 401(k)

Your retirement money should always be a no-go zone unless it is a dire emergency. So, before considering your retirement money, look for other debt repayment options. You can consider options like debt settlement in Midland if you don’t qualify for a consolidation loan. Note if you withdraw from your 401(k), you pay taxes and fees.

Car title loans

You will be able to secure a loan quickly, but you have to surrender your car title. The interest rates of this type of loan are very high, and they are short-term loans. In case you are unable to repay your loan on time, you risk losing your car. Before choosing a car title loan, you can consider some debt relief programs in Midland to reduce your existing debt. Debt relief programs cannot help you with a car title loan if you can not pay it in the future because the lender will want to take your vehicle before negotiating.

Debt Consolidation Options in Midland, Texas

If you need to reduce your debt and you are unable to obtain a debt consolidation loan, consider a credit counseling program to reduce your credit card interest rates. You can also consider debt settlement to negotiate down your balances so that you pay back less than owed. This hardship program could resolve debt in as little as 24 to 48 months with monthly payments that are much lower than the minimum. Anytime you think of resolving debt, consider the options. The right option will help you get out of debt faster and avoid recurring debts. Take a look at the company located in Texas: Affordable Debt Consolidation. As a 100% veteran-owned company, the firm serves only Texans and offers an affiliate platform to shop for the best possible debt consolidation loan with many lenders. Credit counseling resources are also available. Most importantly, Affordable Debt Consolidation offers Midland, Texas residents a debt relief program that is up to 40% less when compared to out-of-state debt relief companies. 

How to Receive Debt Consolidation in Midland, Texas

The fastest way to get help is to call to speak with a Texas Debt Specialist now. You may also fill out the form above and one of our Texas Debt Specialists will reach out to provide you with a free and no-obligation consultation for Debt Relief or Debt Consolidation in Midland, Texas.

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Debt Consolidation Midland, Texas, Credit Counseling Midland, Texas, and Debt Relief Midland, Texas Consultations are Free of Charge with no obligation. Affordable Debt Consolidation is not a lender but offers a platform to receive offers from participating lenders.  Credit counseling clients generally obtain an interest rate between 6% and 11%.  Debt negotiation clients who make their scheduled monthly program payments generally experience approximately a 45% reduction of their enrolled balance before fees over a 24-48 month period, not including any optional and separate services such as legal services provided by a law firm.  Our settlement fees are 15% of the enrolled balance compared to 25% charged by most competitors. Individual results vary based on the ability to fund the program, and the creditors enrolled. Statements made are examples of past performance and are not intended to guarantee that your balances will be reduced by a specific amount or that you will resolve debt within a specific time period. Settlement fees are not charged until a debt is reduced and payment has been made to the creditor. We do not assume consumer debt, make monthly payments, or provide tax or legal advice. We are not a credit repair firm. Please contact a tax professional to discuss any possible tax consequences of paying less than the total balance. Debt Relief programs are exclusively offered to Texas residents. Logos used are property of their respective owners. 

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